Why Algorithmic Trading Is Better Than Manual Trading

You can either spend hundreds of dollars and spend months learning how to trade or you could program a trading algorithm to trade on your behalf. In this video we discuss why that may be a better way to trade.

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Forex trading isn’t for the faint of heart. Up to 97% of manual forex traders are unprofitable.

You can either spend hundreds of dollars and spend months learning how to master trading though investing in a forex trading course and your own abilities or you could consider an Expert Advisor where an algorithm trades the account automatically based on an algorithm with trading rules to follow.

In this video we describe why algorithmic or automated trading is better than manual trading.

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Having read about the unlimited trading opportunities and huge profits many people decide to start forex trading.

However when they register an account and get started they immediately face a harsh truth. Manual trading is extremely difficult and nearly impossible. Studies have shown that up to 97% of traders are unprofitable.

A study by the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC found that 70 percent of traders lose money every quarter on average and traders typically lose 100 of their money within 12 months.

Another study done by Etoro tells us that 80 percent of their clients are unprofitable during a 12-month period. Another study of Brazilian future traders found that 97% of day traders are negative over a period of 300 days.

With all the challenges that come with manual trading none is as major as controlling emotions. Emotions draw a decisive line between a good trade and a bad trade it’s extremely difficult for traders to separate their emotions from trading.

Removing emotions from the equation drastically increases the chance of a trader being successful. But how can we remove emotions from the equation. The answer is algorithmic trading also known as auto trading. In recent times auto or algorithmic trading has gained huge popularity and it’s said to be one of the best solutions to remove emotional conflicts that arise when making a trading decision.

There are also several other reasons why algorithmic trading is better than manual trading.

So what exactly is auto trading and how does it work?

Robots, auto traders and expert advisors are terms that are used interchangeably in the world of trading. In contrast to manual trading where the traders perform trading transactions by themselves, automated trading is performed by special software or a trading robot.

The robot is based on an algorithm and opens trades strictly according to predefined parameters. Traders don’t need to monitor the charts 24/7 looking for potentially profitable entry points.

A trading robot won’t be overwhelmed by emotions such as greed and fear which often lead to hasty trading decisions and bad trading outcomes. Trading is carried out automatically, the entry and exit points, money management and everything else are already accounted for and calculated by the system.

Auto trading softwares are more reliable and accurate, they’re capable of opening and closing orders much faster and much more efficiently than a human ever possibly could and they can do this 24 hours a day.

Trading robots never sleep, never get tired and don’t have human emotions. All a trader needs to do is connect the trading robot to their trading account and set the desired parameters and then it’ll trade independently. The robot will identify chart patterns and look for trends and reversal points or whatever its algorithm tells it to do.

It will open, manage and close trades all on its own 100% automated no human input required. There are many reasons why robotic or algorithmic trading is better than manual trading trading .

Robots can perform complex calculations at an astronomically faster rate than humans, they do not miss out on trading opportunities as they can scan the market 24/7, they face no emotional conflicts that arise when you’re making trading decisions.

A robot can trade at any time in any market, the speed and accuracy of auto trading systems are beyond human. Auto trading robots remove nearly all human emotions from buying and selling an instrument.

Far too many traders let their fear, greed, exuberance, joy and paranoia control their trading decisions. With autotrading once the parameters are set there’s no way that emotions can take over.

Now let’s look at the trading robot FXScalperX.

FXscalperX is one of the top forex trading algorithms on the market.

Its verified record is available on myfxbook. From January 2021 to march 2022 FXScalperX has generated over 300% returns.

This is an exceptionally high return and it’s unheard of in the case of manual trading. In this time period FXscalperX placed 11,687 trades out of which 9074 trades were closed in profit.

It represents a 78% success rate.

Winning such a huge number of trades in manual trading is nearly impossible. It’s also extremely difficult to keep such a high success rate with so many trades being placed.

In 2021 Bitcoin gained 59.8% and the S&P500 gained 26.9%. In forex the US$ index rose by just 6.4% while Gold lost 3.6%. However FXScalperX managed to outperform all these assets generating returns well above 300%.

It’s now widely accepted in the trading community that robots perform more efficiently than humans, they scan for trade opportunities across multiple instruments.

At the same time the speed and accuracy of trading robots are beyond humans they don’t miss out on trading opportunities and they remove emotional conflicts from trading.

If you’re tired of blowing accounts and struggling with forex and you’re ready to join the small percentage of traders that actually make money in the forex market then get a copy of your FXScalperX today.

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