child not broken

How to fix your child’s bad behaviour

What if our children’s ‘bad’ behavior isn’t a reflection of them – but a reflection of our OWN bad behavior as parents instead?

Child crying on the floor

I saw a hilarious blog post of parents sharing the funny reasons why their children cried. And as a parent, I couldn’t help but laugh. 🙂

Children really are so wildly unpredictable.

And it can take some serious patience to not want to pull your hair out when they just won’t listen to you.

Or won’t do their homework.

Or won’t clean their room.

But maybe we’ve got this idea of fixing our children’s “bad” behaviors all wrong.

Maybe every outburst is really just your child calling out for help.

Question is: Are you willing to really listen to them?

child not broken

Yes, I Want To Understand My Children Better

The message Dr. Shefali shares in this video above is tough to hear as a parent.

So go into this with an open mind.

Because it may just be the most important thing you could do to make your kid feel loved, accepted and worthy.

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