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Discover two new ways to return to stillness. When you’re too busy to meditate… do this

Deep Stillness Meditation that touches your soul? New Training: how to access your inner stillness Discover two new ways to return to stillness. When you’re too busy to meditate… do this instead. The Newest training at Mindvalley Academy teaches you how to access the deepest parts of your mind.


We all know that mindfulness is sort of like a wonder drug. It lowers stress, enhances the way our bodies function and transforms our life experience.

But unfortunately, carving out a good 30 minutes for the practice is one of the biggest challenges we face.

But do we really have to set aside time for mindfulness? Is there any other way? We know a lot more about meditation than we did 30 years ago.

How can we use what we now know to shape our mindfulness into a powerful force rather than silently withdraw from the practice?

How will our lives change when we inject the perfect dose of stillness into our busy days?

Those are the questions they’re revealing answers to in a brand new Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy called “Accessing The Stillness Within.”

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In this Masterclass Ex-Wall-Street-Banker-Turned-Meditation-Expert Tom Cronin takes you through the myths of mindfulness and offers two wonderful practices that you can use to enhance your mindfulness practice starting today.

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In other words, anyone who believes in meditation stands to gain hugely from this Masterclass.

Tom used to be a high-flying Wall Street banker who was having the time of his life — with non-stop parties, more cash than he knew how to spend and lots of recognition from important people (yes, people out there lived exactly like Jordan Belfort) — when one day he woke up to feel like he was dying.

He said: “What happened with me successively over the years was I went further down that path of doing crazy stuff and getting way off track. And that led to symptoms.”

That’s when he turned to meditation.

The story of how he managed to shake off the emptiness of his lifestyle and switch gears dramatically sounds like a Hollywood storyline. You’ll hear that in this Masterclass.

More importantly, what happened to him after he made this switch will make you want to take meditation more seriously now than ever.

His message is simple though:

Access the stillness within you and find out who you are. Doing so will add meaning, purpose, and direction to your life in a way that transforms the world.

In the Masterclass, he guides you through two of his best Mindfulness practices that you can use in your everyday life to access the stillness within.

You’ll find his practices refreshingly simple.

So make sure you tune in by registering today >>

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