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The Power of Life Visioning With Michael Beckwith

There has to be a higher purpose in life that pulls us, rather than a goal that drives us. Find out how to find your purpose, right here.

life visioning with michael beckwith 5oetsTf4kSE

Get Complete Clarity On Your life’s Grand Vision with One Of The World’s Leading Spiritual Teachers

The old paradigm of goal-setting is broken, primarily because it’s not coupled with a higher purpose.

People are achieving goals, and one becoming burned out, or two achieving the goal, only to discover that they still aren’t happy, they have no sense of joy or no sense of peace.  They just created and manifested the goal with no purpose.

There has to be a higher purpose that pulls us, rather than a goal that drives us.

Many people are not in touch with their purpose, so they’re running with this deep sense of survival, this deep sense of disconnection. But when one begins to feel into their purpose, the landscape of their mindscape changes, and they’re pulled by a dynamic energy that changes the trajectory of their life.

It’s called destiny.

The principles of this particular course emerged through me many years ago. It’s a part of my mission to wake people up to the absolute truth that there is something about them that is that matters, that is significant and that they’re already loaded and coded with it.  This particular course helps describe it, activate it, cultivate it and ultimately express the destiny that’s locked within each and every one of our hearts.

When you begin to apply what you learn in this particular course, the trajectory of your life changes and literally as I like to say you become more and never less than your true self. This class is transformational, it’s not merely informational where you just get a bunch of information and you memorize it and then file it away.

No this is transformational means that you really can make a major change and become and embrace a bigger and better rendition of yourself.

In this particular program, this is what we’re going to cover:

You’re going to learn to go beyond the traditional goal setting in which you find yourself burn out after achieving the goal if you achieve it at all.

When the keywords are discovery you begin to be you begin to discover the giftedness of your soul you’re going to discover the power that’s within you.

You begin to discover that life is for you, you begin to live on the edge of an adventure of continued discovery that allows you to become more of your real self.

The universe is for you, the universe is friendly it’s not haphazard it’s not accidental.

The universe is for you, on your side and wants to become conscious as are you. You’re no longer going to feel separate from the universe, the presence that’s never an absence you no longer gonna feel separate from other individuals, you’re gonna feel a sense of self-love and appreciation that you offer to everyone

Life is never the same again, your giftedness shines your talents are amplified you’re cultivating the gifts of your soul to express fully and completely. You have become a beneficial presence on the planet and life totally different

If you do so you’re making a commitment to your own growth, development, and involvement and you’re making a commitment to the release of your intrinsic joy, happiness, and prosperity.

You can do this.

life visioning with michael beckwith 5oetsTf4kSE
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