KaHuna Level 3

Become a confident, professional kahuna practitioner. Develop the skill required to work with diverse clients with different issues, injuries and problem areas.

18h00 Wednesday 06 —13h00 Sunday 10 July at Salt Rock beach KZN

Total investment R4 800 (including 4 nights accommodation and food).

We will retreat to a stunning beach cottage in KZN. We will immerse ourselves in the teachings and connect deeply to self, nature, one another and all that is. This is a powerful and transformational experience away from roles, responsibilities and time constraints. Enjoy a healthy cleansing die to assist with the healing and learning process. Be inspired by the natural beauty of this powerful spot.

What you will learn on Level 3:

  • Effective use of the technique learnt on level 1 and 2 (Effect positive change with each stroke)
  • Learn the skillful use of deep and light pressure for different healing effects
  • Learn client consultations and how to deliver clear, confident communication about kahuna massage
  • Professional conduct and awareness of self and others as a healer
  • Develop body awareness and learn how to read what the body is presenting to you
  • Underbody technique — (sublime and creates holism between back and front of body)
  • Learn a fully clothed Kahuna floor treatment to release joints and unblock meridians
  • Learn Kahuna pregnancy massage (nothing quite like it!)
  • Learn more huna meditations and huna dances
  • More aloha

Please note that you are invited to repeat the training at 50% of cost. This is a skillful, deeply transformational retreat.

You will receive a beautiful certificate on completion of level 3

For more information and to book, please contact:
Anthea Hardwick