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Kahuna Massage News and Upcoming Events from Anthea Hardwick

Contact contact Anthea Hardwick for Kahuna massage sessions or massage trainings on 0736175224. These movement, massage workshops are for anyone interested in self growth, self healing and real and lasting change on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. No massage experience necessary!


“The Earth dreams in the dark embrace of the Goddess. Deep in her sacred womb-cave.  The heart-beat of creation sounds loudly in our ears. We pulse to a rhythm resonant with the birthing and dying of stars and galaxies, the rise and fall of species, peoples, empires… We are seeds, fallen into the fertile growing medium of opportunity.  Heart beats measuring out ripeness as the moon swells and shrinks and swells again.  Slowly the possible takes form.  Winter brings a new appreciation for the generative role of darkness – as we prepare to celebrate the emergence of all that is – the endless process of becoming – which pours forth from the primal darkness of the Great Mother’s womb.  Now is a time for reflecting and giving thanks for the potency that is hidden away within our beings, often well out of sight of our conscious identities, until the time is ripe for its birth (or rebirth) into our lives and our world.”

Catherine Ishara de Gari


I trust that your body, mind and spirit are enjoying the changing rhythms within and all around us as we transition through autumn into winter.  At this time of year, I am grateful to live in Jozi to celebrate autumn, the golden softer light, the rich deep reds, browns and golds soothing and replenishing my soul.

After a productive and fast first quarter of 2015, bar the trepidation of cold and stark, I feel ready for the welcome internal aspect of winter. And I am ever grateful for dance, fire and kahuna massage to keep my soul healthy as the pulse of life slows and I come to a deeper, quieter place within.


If we were to honor the quiet energy of winter, we would REST more and view this season as an opportunity to RESTORE ourselves so we have the energy to blossom with our activities in the spring again.  Winter can be a fallow time, but not necessarily a time when nothing happens. It can be a time of REFLECTION.   We can begin to ask ourselves what projects we want to undertake when the energy of spring rises to nurture us.  Above all Winter reminds me of living with FAITH.  Faith that the spring shall return.

In preparation of going within, the Aloha Life Centre is offering 2 heart and soul warming, transformative kahuna retreats.  Anyone interested in self growth, self awareness, greater love, freedom, ease and joy in life are welcome. 

See details below and please contact Anthea on 0736175224 for additional information and to book your place!  NB, no massage experience necessary!





These movement, massage workshops are for anyone interested in self growth, self healing and real and lasting change on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. No massage experience necessary!

Loving touch is a powerful way to increase personal energy as well as to heal intimacy and relationship issues.

Create a more loving, healthier relationship with your body and your self.

Reconnect to a sense of safety and belonging. And above all rediscover lightness and joy.

We look forward to sharing the aloha spirit of Kahuna with you!

THE ALOHA LIFE CENTRE (after hours now available!!!!)

A reminder of the wide selection of Kahuna massage treatments available at the Aloha Life Centre in Parktown North.  As we have grown and now have 4 amazing therapists available, we can offer after hour sessions, 5 30 pm onwards as well as all day on Saturdays. Al our therapist have completed 4 advanced kahuna massage training levels and are highly skilled.



Using forearms, hands and elbows in deep, dynamic, flowing strokes, the practitioner uses effective technique, intuition and focused intention to release physical and energetic blockages and restore health and balance to body, mind and spirit. Honoring the body’s innate wisdom and ability to self heal, this transformational bodywork is gentle and yet very powerful.

It will leave you feeling more in touch with yourself and with greater awareness of your thoughts and feelings and their impact on your health and life. The natural dance, like rhythm, much like the ebb and flow of the ocean, lulls one into deep relaxation. As core layers of tension are revealed and released, you will feel more connected to self and to life, open, at ease, balanced, light and alive!

R500 for a 60 minute Kahuna; R600 for a 90 minute full body session
Book 5 sessions upfront and pay R580 per session
Book 10 sessions upfront and pay R550 per session


The deep tissue release session offers deep, focused, intuitive and highly effective bodywork.  The skilled therapist will work to a point of “nice pain” – releasing tightness and tension without the experience feeling punishing.  Deep tissue release work is effective for tight, locked bodies and for times when one feels stuck, frustrated and wanting to break free in your body and life.

Feel a greater sense of freedom, and power as old habits and patterns are stripped away allowing you to reconnect to your authentic self and to new, infinite possibilities in the now.  We can experience freedom, deep peace and true joy in our bodies right here, right now.

R800 for 2 hours


Polynesian floor treatment, like other floor massages (thai) is considered to be an energy medicine and is extremely helpful to relieve fatigue, muscular cramping and nervous tension. It increases flexibility and releases tension, helping the bodies natural energy to flow more freely. This type of massage is suitable for all, from infants to the elderly. It is often considered as the lazy mans Yoga as it helps stretch muscles without the exertion

R550 for 75 minutes


Two therapists flowing in tandem, enhances the power of the continuous rhythmical kahuna strokes enveloping your being.  Wonderful to experience for the sheer blissfulness of this luxurious experience.  Also highly effective to balance the body mind and emotions and to bring healing to our relationships with self and loved ones.

R700 for 75 minutes


Renew connection and deepen intimacy by sharing this loving, healing experience together.  We create a beautiful space for you to receive together simultaneously with two kahuna therapist working in tandem.  An unforgettable experience.

R1000 for couple for 1 hour

R1200 per couple for a 90 minute full body


During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many changes, some can be stressful and uncomfortable.  Kahuna pregnancy massage is a safe and honoring session which works to release the stress and tension at this time.  Not only offering many physical, mental and emotional benefits, this beautiful experience prepares the mother to be for both birth and motherhood.  it establishes a loving bond between mother and baby.

R550 for 75 minutes


Mana Card Reading draws on ancient Hawaiian wisdom to give new insights and to bring clarity to any situation. The cards offer interpretations of our life circumstances through teachings from Hawaiian mythical gods and goddesses, through the power of the elements and from the animal kingdom. Anthea brings her intimate understanding of the Huna teachings and Mana cards after using them for the past 10 years during transformational Kahuna massage retreats she facilitates. She has been sharing Kahuna teachings as her full time vocation for the past 15 years.

R400 for 1 hour

I look forward to sharing THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA with you.

“Aloha is that feeling of a smile so big it cracks your face from your heart, the fragrance and color of a beautiful flower, the sound of children laughing and playing, and the taste of ripe tropical fruit and their juices. Aloha is also the Spirit behind all creation. The Way of Aloha can be practiced and experienced anywhere, anytime and with anyone. It is a path of love , harmony and appreciation for the beauty in all things and people, and it’s available only in this eternal moment of NOW!”

Wayne Kealohi Powell

E ho’omaika’i i kea la’a kea me ke aloha mau loa

Blessings of sacred light and everlasting love


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