There is still time and space to join Nicole and Anthea for this magical experience.

08 -11 SEPTEMBER 2016
Facilitated by Nicole Antonie

15 -18 SEPTEMBER 2016
Facilitated by Anthea Hardwick

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We look forward to sharing this life changing bodywork with you!

The Aloha Life Centre

“For me it brought simple effective ritual and gentle meditative movement back into my life. I felt old baggage which had weighed me down and limited me for years had melted away. I felt alive and vital, with a much clearer sense of who I am and how I choose to dance through my life. I developed deep and lasting friendships.
I have greater freedom and flexibility in my body and mind which allows my soul to soar and my intuition to steer my path. To put it simply, my life works” Anthea Hardwick 1996 (after taking my very first Level 1 Kahuna massage training)

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