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Upcoming Kahuna Massage Retreats in South Africa

Please take note of upcoming Kahuna retreats that may feel aligned for your support, growth and beautiful unfolding


I got an email from Anthea where she shared:

Looking forward to reconnecting and to continuing to share aloha and pono in our special ohana as we all come out, shake off our drab winter garb and blossom once more with the rebirth of nature in Spring.

The new moon has just come and gone as well which is the perfect time to plant seeds for the months ahead.  So, please take note of upcoming Kahuna retreats that may feel aligned for your support, growth and beautiful unfolding.

Please note that you are invited to repeat any training for 50% of the cost to create achievable opportunities for you to re immerse yourself in ohana, these beautiful teachings, to support yourself to keep alignment with your authentic self and to stay connected to your inner source of vital mana and aloha (Joy).

Kahuna is a lifestyle practice and the more time we spend in this sacred space of connection and Pono, the more we flow with ease and aloha through the many adventures of life.

I would also like to mention the Hawaiian chanting weekend and to say a big thank you to those who pioneered this retreat with me.  It was testimony to the utterly simple and yet highly effective tools of the ancient Hawaiians.

And always held in the gentle loving embrace of Aloha.  I would like to make this a more regular feature in our practice and will let you know if I can fit another one in this year.

It may also very well birth into 1 day gatherings for chanting and flying to invite more busy peeps to experience the power of the chants.  I know that there were many of you who expressed an interest to join and it seemed to happen over a busy weekend.

I will also be in contact with some Sunday “flying” in the park invitations once I have touched base with Nicole and Brenda for dates, as well as a long overdue Massage exchange day.  YAY!!!!!!!!

For now, the retreat dates so that you can make the space in your calendars.

I will send out comprehensive flyers prior to each training. Thank you to those who have communicated with me re your interest in trainings. If you have not as yet, please do so soonest.


This 2 day workshop will focus on the Polynesian floor treatment taught on level 3.  This weekend is for you if you are wanting to feel more grounded.

It also detoxifies and energizes as it unblocks and tones all of the energy lines in the body.  It is very effective for alignment of the joints and spine.  A perfect spring clean for mind, body and soul!

We will chant, fly, meditate and give and receive this nurturing and energizing bodywork. I will demonstrate and assist you to feel confident and effective with the technique.  It is very satisfying to have 2 full days to focus  on the floor treatment.  Let me know if you would like me to resend you the comprehensive flyer on this weekend.

Polynesian Floor Treatment Refresher Weekend 29 August 2015 With Anthea Hardwick

2. KAHUNA LEVEL 1  03 – 06 SEPTEMBER 2015

Revisit the basic back and leg strokes to reconnect with the effectiveness of these beautiful strokes.  The energy of level 1 is that of activation and will often initiate flow and change in our lives.  I would so appreciate it if you have a sense that it could benefit someone you know,care about if you would kindly forward on the flyer I sent out a few weeks ago.  I will be resending it with my newsletter tomorrow.



Details as above.  And taught by Nicole Antonie

4. KAHUNA LEVEL 4     23 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2015

Deep tissue spiritual release work, the elements and the mighty marathon ritual.  Transformative and empowering. The theme for level 4 is KALA, there are no limits!!!!!

5. KAHUNA LEVEL 2 JHB    08 – 11 OCTOBER 2015 

We add arms and shoulders to your repertoire and introduce the feminine front of the body.  We balance our inner masculine and feminine aspects and bring healing to our relationship with ourselves and others. We also explore intuition and add this dimension to our bodywork.  A training to revisit to nurture your sacred feminine.

6. KAHUNA LEVEL 2 CAPE TOWN     22 – 25 OCTOBER 2015

Details as above.  Taught by Anthea

7. KAHUNA LEVEL 5    25 – 29 NOVEMBER  2015

A celebration of all of previous levels.  Advanced practitioner development.

8. KAHUNA LEVEL 3    9 – 13 DECEMBER 2015

Confidence, depth and effectiveness.  Certification.   Underbody technique, Polynesian floor work and more!


If you’re interested in any of these retreats, then please book.

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