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This training will uncover your life purpose. Experience Life Visioning With Michael Beckwith

In this training, Michael will be deconstructing the spiritual equations that allow him to “download” his life’s vision and act on it with total confidence.

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, is hosting a powerful online Masterclass on Discovering Your Purpose.

It’s happening in Mindvalley Academy this week.

You can register by following this link >>


In this training, Michael will be deconstructing the spiritual equations that allow him to “download” his life’s vision in vivid HD quality and act on it with total confidence.

He says while others live in perpetual fear and worries about whether they’re making mistakes or taking a wrong turn, the spiritual equation he’s developed allow him to “take the freeway and hit the destination” in an instant.

Because the voice of the universe can never be wrong.

He will teach you how to mute out the voice of your ego and tune into the voice of the universe.

This is so timely in our world right now where a lot of conflicting messages about politics, career, relationships, parenting, and even nutrition bombard us to the point of utter confusion.

You can avoid all of the time wasted by following Dr. Michael Beckwith’s spiritual formulas.

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In this 60-minute Masterclass, you will…

1. Participate in a powerful guided meditation and affirmative prayer that will allow you to finally accept and love yourself fully
Dr. Michael Beckwith will guide you through one of his most powerful and moving meditations that will uncover parts of yourself buried so deep, you never even knew they existed.

2. Experience the clarity and confidence that comes when you fine-tune your soul’s compass to guide you towards the highest vision for your life
finally, you can stop second guessing yourself and being drowned in ‘thought’… instead anchoring yourself in ‘knowing’ through intuition.

3. Discover Michael Beckwith’s model of a ‘friendly universe’ where every curve ball life throws your way is an opportunity for expanding your consciousness towards a greater realization of your true Self
you’ll be able to understand, bless and transform any event in your life to catapult yourself toward greater heights of development.

4. Understand the Four Stages of Spiritual Development and how to identify where you are today, so you can ascend to new heights of bliss and understanding by having clarity on where you are on your journey, you’ll be able to get to your next breakthrough even faster.

5. Learn the Eight Life Structures that define your human experience, and how to improve each of them with meditation and affirmative prayer so you can experience effortless success in multiple dimensions of your life
this simple framework will let you diagnose which parts of your life are going well, and which need more of your attention to live a balanced, blissful existence.

6. Become a more intuitive, compassionate version of yourself and be surrounded by an abundant, energetic field of love that nourishes your soul — you’ll learn a beautiful model of reality that will enrich your life with vitality and sense of calm that will leave you feeling amazing and blessed every day.

7. Learn how to go beyond creative visualization to tap into your soul’s deepest desires and experience genuine spiritual liberation you’ll finally be able to know your soul’s pure, untainted vision for your life… and move boldly towards it supported by the realization that you are a manifestation of the divine.

And so much more…

No matter how you’re feeling today… and no matter what the circumstances… you will walk away from this masterclass with an unconditional feeling that says (in Dr. Michael’s words):

“Life is not against me; Life is absolutely on my side.”

And that feeling will serve you in ways you can’t even imagine right now. So I encourage you to join Michael Beckwith in this training and discover the spiritual formulas now.

Here’s the link to register >>

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