Bashar explains that this time span we are in is one for streamlining and fine-tuning our frequency, and why we must tread a very very narrow and high frequency path during the years 2013 through 2015, or else things in our lives can and will become confusing and chaotic. The excerpt is Bashar speaking from the year 2010 and being very prescient about the present time span.

Stay on the edge, stay in balance, stay clean and take opportunities that present themselves with verve, vitality, joy, excitement and love.

Why do I keep posting channeling messages if I’m not totally convinced of its honesty or its effectiveness? I don’t know, perhaps its because I’m still fascinated by the process and of the effects. There’s no denying that our current civilisation is guided by the forces of perternalistic and monotheistic channeled messages or so is claimed by adherence. Messages that came from god himself.

Do you consult channelers, watch channelings online or do any yourself?

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