stacking pools for stacks

Best Places To Stack Stacks Tokens & Earn Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin or More Stacks when you stack your STX using these resources.

You’ve now bought your STX tokens and are ready to start stacking your STX. If you don’t have the multiple hundreds of thousands (or tens of thousands) to stack by yourself, then these places listed below are the best places to delegate your STX to earn Bitcoin.

I found this infographic in the Stacks community and it quickly gives you an idea where you can stack based on your personal situation.

stacking pools for stacks

OkCoin Exchange

Let’s start with OKCoin because it’s the one that I have the most experience with.

They don’t charge any fees, they have a 50 STX minimum to start with and they pay out daily. Being an exchange they are a custodial service and remember; not your keys, not your coins.

Read their blog post about Stacks here

Like, for example;

Plan Better Stacking Pool

The other way that I’m stacking personally is via the Hiro wallet and pooling my STX with the rest of the people in the PlanBetter stacking pool.

Staked is another things that I need to explore but since I haven’t investigated any of the others, I’ll simply allow you to find them on the inforgraphic and research them yourself.

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