Bitcoin Arbitrage

How To Make Risk Free Profit With Bitcoin Arbitrage

A quick and easy guide to help you earn profit from bitcoin arbitrage trading.

In this video, I’ll read this article from Moneyweb that they wrote about profiting from Bitcoin Arbitrage.

If you’d like to follow along and do the same thing without the “help” of an external company that does this on your behalf, you can definitely do so.

Let me show you how. First!

Step One. Open an account at Kraken.

Kraken is the “offshore” exchange that you will buy your bitcoin from using USD that you will then sell on a local South African exchange for ZAR. Use this link to open an account.

You’ll ofcourse need to convert the ZAR in your bank account into USD or EUR (in my case I’m transferring to the EUR account on Kraken, most people use the USD to transact though)

Your bank will handle this conversion, and there are some specialist Forex banks that will give you a better rate.

After the funds clear in your Kraken account, buy BTC with the USD (or EUR in my case) using a Market Order.

Step Two: Open an account at a local South African exchange. I recommend either VALR, Luno, or if you have more than R200K, use OVEX which has an OTC desk.

Withdraw the Bitcoin in Kraken that you bought in Step One to the South African exchange that you opened in Step Two.

Sell the bitcoin for ZAR using a Market Order.

Withdraw the ZAR back into your bank account and calculate your profit and rate of return.

Rinse and repeat.

As a South African citizen, you can trade this way, sending up to R1million to your Kraken account.

If you’d like to more, you’ll have to apply for a Tax Clearance Status using your SARS e-filing account.

If you’d like me and my team to help you make money from arbitrage trading bitcoin, then please leave a message using one of the methods on this page and we will get in touch to give you more information.

Bitcoin Arbitrage
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