The BitMEX 24 November 2017 Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin futures contract is now live.

Symbol: BCHX17
Expiry Date: 24 November 2017 12:00 UTC
Contract Value: 1 BCH
Underlying: Poloniex Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin exchange rate
Leverage: 20x

BitMEX Bitcoin Cash Holdings

On or before 31 December 2017:

The amount of Bitcoin Cash you’re entitled to is determined by your Margin Balance at 1 August 2017 13:17 UTC, a few seconds after block 478,588.

You will NOT receive Bitcoin Cash, rather BitMEX will sell all users’ Bitcoin Cash, and credit their wallet with the Bitcoin proceeds.

BitMEX Future has a Hard Fork Policy where they said:

BitMEX does not agree with contentious hard forks, and does not accept the manner in which Bitcoin Cash was forked, or the lack of preparation or notice before the fork; we consider this a dangerous action that imposes unacceptable costs on end-users and businesses.

However, months after the fork, it is clear this coin still has value and popular demand, so we have decided to credit Bitcoin at the prevailing Bitcoin Cash price. Do not expect future coins to be credited in this way. BitMEX reserves the right to credit forks or not – in the presence of doubt, always withdraw first.

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