Buy Polkadot on Binance

How To Buy Polkadot $DOT on Binance

Easy To Follow Tutorial

Open A Binance Account & Buy Polkadot

Before you buy $DOT, you need to have a Binance Account

Buy Polkadot on Binance

If you’re like me and FOMOing into $DOT at the moment and wanting to take advantage of the potential in this coin then please watch this video and learn how to buy DOT on Binance.

I’ve been watching Lark Davis as I don’t know anything about the DeFi space and his content seems very level headed.

Watch his latest video here.

If you already have one you need to then fund it. If you own some bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, you can use that or if you only have fiat currency then you’ll first have to transfer some money to Binance.

South African citizen can use a Mastercard (either debit or credit card) to buy your crypto from them, the easiest pair to buy is BTCUSD, but there are other pairs that you can buy for your ZAR too.

Then navigate to the “Markets” tab and search for DOT in the search bar. You will then see the available pairs to buy Polkadot and add it to your crypto portfolio.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Alternatives to Binance

If you don’t want to, or can’t use Binance, there are a few alternatives where you can also get Polkadot.

Best for South African traders

ValrValr is a South African exchange with many altcoins to trade. Polkadot is one of them and Chainlink is another.

Best for American traders

KrakenKraken is (best for citizens of the USA). Kraken is the primary coin operator that I use, for their futures platform. I think with the regulation that they follow, they’re one of the more honest brokers in this space.

For everyone else

BitFinexBitfinex has got the most pairs of coins that I’ve come across, sometimes I think too much coins to make it easy for me to find the pairs to list when I’m trading on the mobile device and some of these pairs also allow you trade on margin.

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