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Always wanted to get started owning Bitcoin but didn’t know where to turn? I’ll help you buy and hold to truly own Bitcoin and be part of the new generation.

I’ve been involved in spreading the word about Bitcoin since 2013 when I bought my first coin. Because I was in the trading industry, testing and promoting various trading platforms, I got caught up in the worst behaviours putting my money at risk to get a bigger reward.

I’ve subsequently learnt that holding Bitcoin for the long term, securing it properly via a self-hosted wallet, never selling but always adding to your holdings is the best way to secure your future.

My goal is now to help teach and guide other people to buy Bitcoin using a service such as BitVice, storing it on a wallet such as Blue Wallet, a hardware wallet like Ledger, or a multi-sig wallet such as CASA.


betty morgan
Betty Morgan

All this and more we can discuss in a personal one-on-one call and you only pay R250 AFTER we’ve had our call. To book a call with me, please send me a WhatsApp message at +27825614455.


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