Paul Smith was born in 1921 and has suffered from cerebral palsy for his entire life, impeding his speech and mobility.

But while living at the Rose Haven Nursing Center in Roseburg, Oregon, he refused to let the disease impede his ability to express himself.

Unable to properly use a pen and paintbrush,

Paul turned to a rather unusual medium.

Paul Smith created hundreds of works of arts using an old mechanical typewriter, and the level of detail is truly astounding.

By carefully using the different keys, Paul is able to create works of art that most people can’t even do with more traditional mediums.

“His joy in life is finding ways to be creative” explains one of the staff at his nursing home.

Paul’s artworks line the halls of the Rose Haven Nursing Center but despite all of the attention he gets for his incredible abilities, he remains a humble and gentle soul.

Everyone who takes care of Paul has nothing but great things to say about him. “It’s wonderful to watch him work, and it’s wonderful to enjoy his art… but not as good as enjoying him.”

Watch the video below and prepare to be completely blown away by this incredibly inspiring person!


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