A friend’s son has embarked on a journey to bring the power of the CV to the informal sector. For starters, he’s rounded up a team of highly recommended tradesmen who are able to service Gauteng. This includes people like builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.

The idea is that the most hard working, trustworthy tradesmen who take pride in their work are able to distinguish themselves from chancers and shortcut takers. He’s focusing on smaller independent guys who, despite being able to offer more competitive pricing, and a more personable service, are being squashed by huge advertising budgets.

Reviews are collected from previous employers, and displayed on tradesmen profiles, along with other relevant information. They’ve met and made certain that the guys on there are really good at what they do. It’s with confidence that I recommend giving his site a go the next time you need odds and ends done around the home:


Also, if there is anyone who you think deserves to be listed on there, feel free to nominate them.

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