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We spent a few hours in Seravezza yesterday.

We spent a few hours in Seravezza yesterday.

There’s a flower market going on and my wife wanted to buy some plants for the balcony (she calls it a terrace)


She had a good time browsing the stalls and buying some jasmine bushes.

Maurizia in Seravezza

While I walked Jack, the dog, who kept looking for places to keep cool.


The results of her shopping are quite lovely, though I think the full impact will only be felt once these plants take root and establish themselves.


I’ve still been hard at work with the new theme for this site. I’ve been working on the abundance section quite intensely. Mindvalley has an excellent marketing M/O, I enjoy their programs and I enjoy their “launches.

Their latest launch is a masterclass for a product called “Uncompromised Life” and I spent almost all weekend creating the content and promotions for it.

They have a 2 tier system affiliate program going and if you wanted to join me in promoting this one and others, then please sign up here.

I’ll help you with advice on how to promote.

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