I’ve written before about this innovative company, seen their progress through the wonders of social media and when I got the news of their name change, I was thrilled to see what they had in mind.

I got an email where they said:


Derived from “Can-do”, it is our ethos. We are your trusty partner for getting things done. All the way from a quick fix to a renovation, we can do it.

Can-do also denotes an attitude. It speaks to the kind of service providers nominated and vetted via our platform. Their in-depth reviews are testament to it. Why ever take a chance with a random introduction? There’s no way of knowing what they can or can’t do.

Simply, we’re all in this together to improve your home easily, safely and transparently. We see every job through. As a Kandua would.

So now you know where we’re going. Look and listen out for us, we’ll keep you updated as we forge on.

Yours Thankfully,

The Kandua Team

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