Italy’s Political Situation Causes National Angst & The Markets Go Crazy As A Result

by | May 29, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

I’ve been so busy with this site, moving from DIVI to Extra from Elegant Themes that I haven’t really been focusing so much on the news of what’s really happening, even when there’s fierce debate around the dinner table.

Nor am I taking advantage of the collapse of the Euro against the other currencies but…

The political situation here in Italy is precarious. Since their last elections a few months ago where PD, Partito Democratico (Democratic Party) lost badly to Cinque Stelle (5 Stars) and the other more right wing parties, the winners could agree to form a coalition government until a few days ago.

Then, for some reason, when they eventually did, the delegate they put forward for prime minister wasn’t favoured by the president, who appointed his own premier, who I heard didn’t turn up for something or the other, like a swearing in or so.

Which brings me to the picture here on this post.

The news channels are filled with debate, discussion, and pontification about the way forward and I snapped this bad shot to write this post informing you about the possibility of Italy leaving the EU.

Italexit, I’m sure they’ll be calling it.

Watch out for 29 July when new elections are mooted.

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