Driving around in Italy with the Fiat Seicento

Let’s drive.

We’re fortunate that this time while we’re in Italy we have access this new car. The Fiat Seicento (Six Hundred)

Yesterday we drove the car from where we picked it up, in Teramo (where my wife’s dad lives) to where we live in Pietrasanta.

Almost 6 hours later, it’s about as far as the Kruger Park is to Jozi, we made it in my maiden journey driving a car on the right side of the road but wrong side of the vehicle (thankfully I had experience driving a left-hand drive)

So once again, I’m exhausted from all that driving and just chilling and taking it easy today.

But that gives me an opportunity to continue writing on my blog, playing around with new elements on this DIVI theme and try and make the site more attractive to my readers’ potential customers.

I’m curious to know what your business or job is, please tell me in the comments below.

driving in seicento
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