Driving By Vatican City

On Our Way To Pietrasanta

And Still Earning From These Two Niches

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My wife and I have come back to visit her country and this time we flew the direct flight to Rome from Johannesburg.

Now we’re in a bus from Fiumicino Airport to the main train terminal to catch a train to our final destination Pietrasanta.

Thank heavens for WiFi on the bus, allows me to type and upload this blog post.

Here we’re driving by Vatican City.

One of the three City States that I know about apart from the London and Washington DC.

We’re now in Firenze, Florence for you non Italian speaking types, don’t you know by now that “Io parlo Italiano, ma poco”.

One more stop in Pisa and then finally home, it’s been a long travel and by the time we reach the house almost 24h will have passed.

We were very surprised to bump into some South African tourists from Cape Town in the train to Pisa, here in Italy on a whistle stop tour and visiting the city for a day.

Looking at the starts of this blog though, it’s a great business to be in still attracting traffic and clicks to my affiliate marketing links.