Revealed: The hidden barriers that may be hijacking your life goals

Unblock your abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

You may have been in the self-development path for several years now, but I believe you haven’t experienced this yet.

It’s Mindvalley Academy’s #1 abundance clearing event — hosted by the legendary intuitive coach and energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon.

Why Is This Event So Special?

There are subconscious barriers that are hijacking your dream life that Christie calls Abundance Blocks.

OMG!!! Is anyone else experiencing the phenomenal side effects of this call? My daughter and I won a trip to San Francisco today, ALL EXPENSES PAID for a 5 day college tour among other wonderful priceless blessings… I am just so grateful!

Moniesa Scott

Customer, Mindvalley

The subconscious barriers that are hijacking your dream life — Abundance Blocks.

She’s identified 24 specific blocks after working with more than 20,000 people one-on-one.

Any one of these blocks can easily throw your life off-course.

And in just 60-minutes during this session, she’s going to try and eliminate some of your Abundance Blocks.

If you have the time and energy to invest in this special event, it will be worth every second of it.

Even experienced energy healers find it shocking when they see how much their abundance blocks were costing them over the years.

Before the event I had a very sore neck and after the clearing it was totally gone.

I really believe the Abundance Block was literally sitting in my neck knowing it would get “killed” that evening – and it did. Thanks so much Christie!!!

Sylvia Mann

Customer, Mindvalley

You see, financial strategies and taking massive action are all important. But without having your vibration aligned to your financial goals, you’ll face hurdles after hurdles for every step you take.

These hurdles are not only stressful, but it’s completely unnecessary. But once you remove your abundance blocks, your vibration will automatically align with your goals.

And suddenly, you’ll find yourself making rapid progress. 

Earlier this year, a similar clearing attended by over 10,000 participants seemed to prove this point. The results that some of them experienced in the following days were nothing short of amazing.

Earlier this year, it paid off for almost everyone attended.

I’m talking about surprise checks in the mail.

Lucrative business deals manifesting out of thin air.

Brilliant ideas that help you shine at work.

And other unexpected abundance synchronicities.

Imagine what your life would look like if any one of these events happened to you consistently?

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Thanks for the most amazing release – I landed my dream job within hours of listening to your broadcast.

It was already in motion however my confirmation came only hrs of listening to your webinar

Nadine Oliver

Customer, Mindvalley