The Habit of Ferocity By Steven Kotler

The problem is we’re not living up to our full potential because we’re not in the habit of living up to our full potential.

Why is this video important?

What we’re giving you here is the opening video for our new Quest with Steven Kotler, called ‘The Habit of Ferocity’.

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Now you may be wondering why would Mindvalley be launching a program called ‘The Habit of Ferocity’?

Firstly, know that “ferocity” here doesn’t mean fierce.

Rather, ‘The Habit of Ferocity’ is about examining the consciousness of work and giving you the right tools so that you can be your best in your passions, your work, your creativity, and so much more.

In a poll of our Mindvalley community, people repeatedly said the #1 thing they want more in their life is abundance.

And yes, abundance comes from a healthy mindset but the other way we grow in abundance is when we succeed in the things we give our energy to.

And there’s an emerging science to this that’s far beyond traditional ideas of productivity and work optimization. It bridges the gap between consciousness and the 9 to 5.

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