Spectre.ai is the first platform to allow retail traders to trade Smart Options, a new trading contract-class with a blockchain verified, binary outcome resulting in pay-outs up to 200% within just minutes.

Smart Options can be traded on a range of assets including traditional currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets too. Along with this, Smart-CFDs allow traders to trade FX positions not only on traditional currency pairs but on cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets.

The ICO was completed last year. Where they were able to raise ~$17 Mill USD

The platform is live! Click here

Spectre currently has a gaming license and in the process of a financial license in few jurisdictions.

You don’t deposit with Spectre, if you choose to trade using the onsite trading account, funds that are allocated for trading by you, the trader, are placed in a smart contract where they remain secure.

This cryptographically protected Ethereum wallet can only be accessed by traders and all trade transactions into and from it are processed/governed by the Ethereum blockchain every 24 hours. Withdrawals are instant minus gas fees, with high profits returns within minutes.

Unlike traditional binary option or FX brokers, where you are required to deposit USD/EUR or another fiat currency at their bank account in order to start trading, Spectre.ai offers a revolutionary leap forward in technology which means you can trade straight from your cryptocurrency wallet (ETH accepted), or from a secure private-smart contract on Spectre.ai.

This means, at no time, does Spectre.ai have access to your funds. While many brokers make money when you lose, Spectre.ai simply earns a volume based technology fee when you trade.

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