Spectre.ai is the first platform to allow retail traders to trade Smart Options, a new trading contract-class with a block-chain verified, binary outcome resulting in pay-outs up to 200% within just minutes.

Smart Options can be traded on a range of assets including traditional currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets too. Along with this, Smart-CFDs allow traders to trade FX positions not only on traditional currency pairs but on cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets.

With spectre.ai convenient trading platform they have introduced a new bridge for the MT4 users to be able to trade on the Spectre.ai platform, this means that the platform will have a new feature> traders can close out their positions before it expires, so they don’t lose 100% of the trade, this feature will be called capital protection loss.

The team added an MT2Spctre.ai Bot- to automate binary options trading, 200% profits and happy trading for our clients:

With spectre.ai becoming the first broker-less trust-less platform, we are looking to be convenient in every way that can be possible for our clients, for an overview of our new features:

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FinanceFeeds.com recently hosted a blockchain Summit in South Africa, where different issues were discussed by the experts, online influencers, Introducing broker’s relating to blockchain technology coming to mainstream and spectre.ai becoming the innovative platform to minimize those pain-points experienced by traders and IB’s with traditional FX brokers.

Here is an article:

Digital assets and diligent discussion! A close look at FinanceFeeds South Africa event

Start your successful trading journey with Spectre.ai and benefit from our World Class trading platform, built on the Blockchain, Find here educational material and plug-ins: