Spectre.ai is running a promotion for the next 30 days, this is to help new traders to get started.

They’re will give every new account which has entered this promotional code: “SApro1” $100 in ethereum to trade.

Spectre.ai is the first platform to allow retail traders to trade Smart Options, a new trading contract-class with a block-chain verified, binary outcome resulting in pay-outs up to 200% within just minutes.

Smart Options can be traded on a range of assets including traditional currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets too.

Along with this, Smart-CFDs allow traders to trade FX positions not only on traditional currency pairs but on cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets.

The promotion code that you need to enter when applying for a new account is: SApro1

The conditions to withdraw profits or the full bonus are the following:

  1. $5.000 trading volume for the initial bonus to be withdrawn
  2. A deposit of equal amount to the bonus or $5000 in trading volume reached in order for earnings to be withdrawn

Duration: The start date is 13th July and valid until 13th August

There will be a total of 80 accounts available under this promotion, which will be provided on a first come basis

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