cmtrading sandton

Visiting CM Trading’s Offices in Sandton City

Beautiful views from inside the building. Skyscraper offices for this forex broker.

cmtrading sandton

Today I had the opportunity of visiting CM Trading’s new Sandton’s offices for the first time.

I went to pick up the prepaid Mastercard that I ordered from them. (This Mastercard is no longer available to South Africans)

No more waiting when withdrawing my profits for the money to arrive in my account finally, either when I choose a direct deposit or a paypal withdrawal.

Now I can get immediate access to my funds.

The owners of that shopping centre have made some alterations that make visiting them much more accessible.

You too can earn quickly available cash with either through trading a live account successfully.

IMG 20180406 160122

After meeting with their CEO recently, I was happy to meet more of their staff and especially visit their offices in the revamped Sandton City tower complex.

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