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Follow this guide to install the MT4 or MT5 Forex platform on your Linux system.

Installing MT4:

Now you are ready to use MT4 with your Linux system.

 Installing MT5:

Now you are ready to use MT5 with your Linux system.

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If your distribution of Linux is still having issues launching MT4 or MT5 after following these steps, we highly recommend installing PlayOnLinux from the Software Center as well; it will help your Linux to launch the platform.

Note that depending on your Linux distribution, the Software Center may have a different name– in Fedora it is simply called “Software”, for example. There are also alternative Windows emulators to Wine which you might have installed already; PlayOnLinux, CrossOver, and PlayOnMac are 3 alternatives you can use in this guide instead.

Thank you for choosing Exness.

mt4 mt5 on