Opening a Live FX Giants Account and Applying for a Bonus

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You want to know how to open a live account with FX Giants and Apply for one of their bonuses?

Read on, I’ve got an account manager at their offices and he’s got step by step instructions on what to do.

First thing to do is fill in the form at this link to open an account.

They pay me 11$ per lot if people choose this link to open the account.

To apply for a bonus, click on this link.

They pay me 8$ per lot if someone uses this link to open their account.

These are, of-course, the IB links that each broker supplies me with. I then promote the links building content, exactly like this one, on this website.

Writing content, promoting it online and then getting SEO traffic from it over time and keeping in Google’s good books (these are my daily tasks).

More to come from me later in the week, when I get to try all of these account opening activities myself.
Brace yerselfs!

If you follow this article as the content progresses and I update it to something completely different, you’ll discover the journey of an affiliate marketer in the forex niche, and how he creates the opportunity for potential traders to become part of his income stream.

All very transparently, and willingly.

Copy-Traded Account with FX Giants

This is obviously a sub-heading that interests me.

I know that I will write a separate article about that and then link to it from here. I’ve had a conversation with a potential copy-trader who’s using some innovative trading systems to generate an awesome returns

If you’re interested in knowing more about that, drop me an email, fill in my contact form else where on this page and write me in the message of your interest in that way.

If you prefer the immediacy of WhatsApp. You can also catch me there. Look for the WhatsApp button elsewhere too.

I’ll give you all the deets, while he and I work though everything.

*Now off to bed with me, “see” you all soon (that’s when I’ll be writing again)


*This message may self-destruct in the middle of the night, but the offer won’t

The Copy Trading Account on FxGiants

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