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Unlimited Abundance Live By Christie Marie Sheldon

The Quickest And Surest Path To Your Unlimited Abundance — LIVE Group Coaching With Christie To Remove Your 24 Abundance Blocks

Is this the quickest, surest path to clearing abundance blocks?

If you attended Christie Marie’s event last week, I’m sure you know how powerful her method of energy clearing is.

In fact, she’s almost the ONLY one in the field who specializes in clearing the 24 abundance blocks that are commonly found to be “blocking” people’s ability to receive new wealth.

Get rid of these 24 blocks over the next 12 months

These 24 abundance blocks are like huge walls separating you from the money and opportunities you should have been receiving by now.

In other words, if you’re feeling like…

==> … You’re stuck in a rut…
==> … Your finances are not growing fast enough…
==> … Your career isn’t taking off in a big way…
==> … Or simply, you feel you deserve more in life…

… then for sure, you have some of these abundance blocks.

So now, Christie has announced her brand new Unlimited Abundance LIVE Journey program to completely root out these blocks.

It’s a group coaching program where Christie will take you through a remarkable journey to identify and clear your abundance blocks. And it is probably the quickest you can go from a life of struggle to full financial abundance and confidence.

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How this is different from Christie’s Unlimited Abundance course?

The Unlimited Abundance course is a home study program which you can use to identify and clear the blocks yourself. But this program, Unlimited Abundance LIVE, is a completely different beast. It’s kind of like a VIP service where Christie personally takes on a group of people and leads them through a 12-month journey to clear all their Abundance Blocks.

Every bit of the program is live — you’ll have Christie reading your energy field (as a group) LIVE, performing energy clearing on the blocks LIVE and you can ask questions or toss out your concerns to Christie and her team of energy healers in a closed Facebook group.

You’ll find the energy completely different from the home study course.

$7,500 In New Income For Original Participants (Results Are Not Typical).The first time Christie did this (in May 2011), it sold out really quickly.

And the interesting thing was…

The group was limited to about 400 people, and on average these 400 people saw $7,500 worth of NEW income that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. And this 12-month coaching is exactly the same. Or even better.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll be gaining that much, but what I’m saying is that, right now in your life… there’s a possibility for MORE.

To make this 12-Month LIVE Group Coaching Program as accessible as possible, Christie’s offering a remarkable discount.

It’s available for the next five days.

Invitation: 12-month journey to unblock your abundance

So see the discount page here before it expires >>

Here is what one of Christie’s students has to say about working with Christie:

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased Unlimited Abundance recently and I listened to one session per day for 24 consecutive days. The results have been way beyond anything I could’ve imagined in my wildest dreams.

I was working full-time for a software company and we were going through a restructuring. I had a feeling my job was going to be eliminated so I wanted to test Christie’s Unlimited Abundance exercises.

I started manifesting that $20,000 or more would come to me in some fashion during February. Today is only February 13th and $30,000 of unexpected money has come into my life. I was notified today that my job is ending next week and I’m receiving three months severance which I wasn’t expecting. I’ve also received numerous consulting opportunities that I’m sure came to me once I removed my blockages.

I will easily receive more than $40,000 this month because of clearing the blockages. I was especially blocking my ability to receive from the universe. I love to give but always felt uncomfortable receiving, but Christie removed those blocks for me.

Thank you and Christie for changing my life. She’s amazing!!”

– Ted Prodromou

See for yourself how Unlimited Abundance 12-month journey can change your life.

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