Forex Trading Mentors

Trading is a skill and an art and just like any other skill you will learn in life, it helps to get guidance from someone who’s been there, done the hard work and can help speed up the process of helping you get there too. It makes the whole process of being successful and profitable within reach.

There are many inferior forex trading mentoring programs online, but I’ve narrowed the list down to some of the best.

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ezekiel chew

Ezekiel Chew teaches bank traders, fund managers, prop traders and also ordinary people how to make money from trading.

He trades forex, stocks, indexes, commodities (e.g. gold, silver, crypto) and anything that is tradable. And you are going to learn all of these.

This system is so powerful that it’s created many full-time traders who started the program with zero knowledge in trading. Some even went on to become fund managers


Al Brooks and teaches a price action strategy that gives a trader a way of reading the price charts and finding the all the probable ways that a market would go based on the patterns of the previous prices and why they printed that way.

Brooks Trading Course

Al BrooksProfessional Trader

Nial Fuller from Learn To Trade the Market

Nial’s course was one of the first that I came across and it made sense to me when I was an absolute beginner. Read this interview he gave recently.

It explains a lot better than I can.

There’s also this video interview from a few years ago.

Because I’ve been a student of his system of price action trading, I can give you first-hand experience of what you can expect.

The most important aspect is that it’s very reasonably priced (in my range).

Ranging between $275 and $350 (depending on the monthly discount percentage) for lifetime access to the theory, the content in the member area to daily chart updates and a discord server.

This is ideal for anyone who can be self-taught.

It also suits my lifestyle.

Because you’re mostly only looking at charts on the daily time frame, opportunities come twice or three times a week and I hold positions sometimes over weekends too, this leaves me with time to blog, massage and create content for the affiliate business.

I think it’s a bargain and well worth the effort.

Nial Fuller

Dirk du Toit or Dr. Forex

Because local is lekker

I’m not sure yet about the local flavour in our local setting. I’ve covered brokers here and my story and to find a personality who also mentors was a happy find.

All the other websites that are ranking in the SERPs are mostly created by online marketers or brokers.

I don’t particularly resonate with the style of Dr Forex but he may be to your liking.

There’s a fun sounding ebook, “Bird Watching in Lion Country” and associated trading course.

And personal one on one mentorship that you have to apply for here.

At between $1990 and $3300 for the lifetime mentorship, this was out of my price range and hence I haven’t had access to the material.

dirk du toit

Robert Taylor of Trade Forex Make Money

Because I have a voucher code: 27186415

Reading Robert’s story is very interesting to me. It reminds me of one of the character’s story from Millions by the minute episode.

You know the one who gets the job with the hedge fund…. oh nevermind! but suffice to say that his style is very much like the professional traders who operate out of a trading room.

I’ve only met Robert recently and because this particular style of what I assume is day trading is not for me, I wouldn’t want to be spending too much time in a trading room (maybe just a visit).

Rob has two mentorship options:

Option 1. 40 hours one to one for new traders. Lasts 3 months. Price £6995.

Option 2. 20 hours one to one for experienced traders. Lasts 2 months. Price £3795.

And there’s an earn while you learn option but let me not disturb your browsing of his site.

Just remember to use the voucher code 27186415 when ordering to get a 5% discount off the services.

One thing stands out with all three of these mentors.

Unlike most of the other forex education sites, which are all hype and no reality (mostly), they all emphasize that get quick riches are not the goal, its consistent profitable results.

Rob Taylor