Have a look at the returns achieved during week 27 2015:

Emerald: +0.91%
Supreme: +1.85%
Optimum: +0.12%

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The following net performances have our products achieved since their inceptions:

Emerald: +174.33% since its inception, +2% monthly average
Supreme: +131.33% since its inception, +1.57% monthly average
Optimum: +179.42% since its inception, +1.73% monthly average

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June net returns:




The Greek have said no to the new aid packages, with that their Euro zone membership became questionable.

After the referendum the Minister of Finance of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis announced his resignation in the interest of the most effective negotiations to the creditors, however the creditors are only willing to negotiate again after the commitments thats due date was 30 June are fulfilled.
In the meantime the unemployment rate has fallen to approximately 5.3% in the USA. The last time it was this low was in 2008.

Our managed accounts have been able to reach unique yields on the sometimes barely moving but sometimes overheated markets.

The uniqueness comes from the results, the Emerald, the Optimum and the Supreme accounts closed June with on average above 2% yields, which is a lot higher then any other investment in the market, especially in the current market environment which is full of low interest investments.