How would you like to be both a binary options broker as well as a trader?

Available soon, FairTRADEX traders can write their own binary options and sell them to other traders – everyone in the peer-to-peer network will see the binary option that you have written.

FairTRADEX has created a new type of trading network that encourages peer-to-peer trading with a community chatroom for traders to discuss market trends and new options for sale.

It puts you in control by giving you the ability to be the broker for new transactions. This makes it an attractive platform for more experienced traders who want to make bigger profits without increasing risks.

You can even earn pay-outs that exceed 100% return on your investment by writing options that earn 125% or even more.

You don’t have to be a broker or put down large deposits to write options. When you write a binary option, you determine the level of risk and profit.

You choose the financial asset, the expiration, the pay-out for the buyer, the amount you wish to risk, and submit it to the exchange.

Your options are advertised to other traders so you will want to make them as attractive as possible. Because you set the terms of the options you create, the potential for profits is unlimited.

Currency traders can buy and write binary options in order to balance their exchange exposure. Particularly when financial markets are volatile, this creates exciting opportunities for binary options writing and trading to hedge risks in other markets.

FairTRADEX is the next generation of binary options platforms, designed to appeal to experienced traders who want to make big profits on a truly open binary options exchange.

It is truly the most open and transparent binary options trading platform and I’m interested to see how it develops over time.