Buy gold now. Seriously, not just on paper like I’m doing on this CFD on my platform because the price action trading system I’m following gave a signal to buy, but for your own preservation of wealth. Read this article on the best platform I consider for buying, spending and getting paid in gold and start building your wealth in real money not the currency we currently use.

Speculating on it is about the only good thing for this currency, but nevertheless, I did place a trade and here’s all the details about it.


Entry: $1183.74
Stop: $1170.49
TP: $1212.92

Update: Since yesterday’s FOMC meeting, the price of gold has simply exploded higher and has left me in a nice little profit of just over 1R.


Update: I closed the position at 16h22 on Thursday 18 July at a price of $1202.22 for a tidy profit. Not quite 2:1R but over 1.5R and my balance is creeping ever close to my starting point of $220.

You can find all my trades and mql5 signal here.

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