million dollar forex trader

How to be a Million Dollar Forex Trader

Don’t fall for the hype that forex is easy money rather learn the fundamentals of trading and learn a skill that can earn you a life you deserve.

I’m nowhere near to being a million dollar trader but this story about my mentor Nial Fuller winning a recent 1 Million Dollar trading competition held by Axitrader a broker with interesting promotions beyond the usual bonuses.

I still consider myself a beginner trader, after almost 2 years I feel that I’ve through being an absolute beginner and I’m about to enter into my intermediate learning cycle over the next 2 years and the biggest piece of advice I can share from Nial himself is:


The industry media have been covering this story as well;

If you would like to join me in choosing this million dollar trader as your mentor too and with his guidance become a successful trader too then I suggest that you do two things.

Open an account with Axitrader, our recommended broker

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