The 5 big myths about relationships

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Look – every single person on the planet wants to get over a breakup in a painless, healthy way.

But unfortunately, that often doesn’t happen. Instead we end up holding on to hurt from a breakup instead of moving on.

The thing is, it’s not your fault.

You see, our brains process emotional pain like a physical wound.

Only there’s no medical treatment or pill to mend a broken heart.

But that does NOT mean we need remain hurt and unable to let go.

We can breakup with bad breakups, free ourselves of the pain, and truly move on from a breakup with peace, love, and a clear heart.

Isn’t that ultimately what we want? To finally be able to let go of the hurt and move on for a better, happier love life in the future?

That’s exactly why conscious uncoupling is so, so extraordinary.

It allows you to finally — and truly — heal your heart.

And when you do, you’ll show up as a whole, complete love alchemist who’s able to attract the love you deeply desire, without the weight of bad breakups derailing your love abundance.

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