Kahuna Massage Retreats in South Africa with Anthea Hardwick 2016


When more than a massage feels needed to regain health, clarity and a sense of purpose and place, a Kahuna massage transformational retreat may be just the what your mind, body and soul need to balance and
re energize.


Activating, releasing, energizing and transformative, Level 1 is a joyous and liberating experience.

This movement, massage workshop is for ANYONE interested in self growth, self healing and real and lasting change on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.

Many attend this training as a gift of personal healing to self.  You will leave feeling balanced and energized with abundant energy and joy reignited for your life.

Loving touch is a powerful way to increase personal energy as well as to heal intimacy and relationship issues.  Create a more loving, healthier relationship with your body and your self.  Connect to your authentic expression, come home to your body, mind and spirit.  Reconnect to a sense of safety and belonging. And above all rediscover lightness and joy.

Please find training dates for 2016 below and contact Anthea on 0736175224 for more information.

25 – 28 FEBRUARY                  LEVEL 1 JOHANNESBURG
10 – 13 MARCH                       LEVEL 2 JOHANNESBURG
25 – 27 MARCH                       HAWAIIAN CHANTING WEEKEND
14 – 17 APRIL                         LEVEL 1 CAPE TOWN
21 – 24 APRIL                         LEVEL 2 CAPE TOWN
05 – 08 MAY                            LEVEL 1 JOHANNESBURG
19 – 22 MAY                            LEVEL 1 RETREAT STYLE SALT
                 ROCK BEACH, KZN
03 – 05 JUNE                           POLYNESIAN FLOOR TREATMENT
                 REFRESHER WEEKEND
16 – 19 JUNE                           LEVEL 1 MPUMALANGA
23 – 26 JUNE                           LEVEL 2 JOHANNESBURG
06 – 10 JULY                            LEVEL 3 SALT ROCK BEACH
22 – 24 JULY                            HAWAIIAN CHANTING WEEKEND
17 – 29 AUGUST                       HAWAII RETREAT
08 – 11 SEPTEMBER                  LEVEL 1 JOHANNESBURG
08 – 11 SEPTEMBER                  LEVEL 1 CAPE TOWN
29 SEPT – 02 OCTOBER             LEVEL 2 CAPE TOWN
13 – 16 OCTOBER                     LEVEL 2 JOHANNESBURG
02 – 06 NOVEMBER                   LEVEL 4
07 – 11 DECEMBER                   LEVEL 5 SALT ROCK BEACH
25 – 29 JANUARY 2017            LEVEL 6
A detailed brochure will be sent out prior to each training.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding any of the trainings and if you would like a brochure on the upcoming Level 1 in Johannesburg in February 2016.

Also please note the exciting retreat in Hawaii in August.  All are welcome!!!! Contact me for a comprehensive brochure.

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I look forward to sharing the joy and mana of Kahuna bodywork with you soon.Aloha blessings

Kahuna Massage Retreats in South Africa with Anthea Hardwick 2016

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