KaHuna Massage and other healing therapists from around the world.

If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist that performs the temple style lomi-lomi, then find a therapist from the list below:

KaHuna Massage in Sandton with Niki Manferdini

Kahuna found Niki during a time of self-reflection and re-calibration; a time when she needed to get back in touch with her authentic self. Despite an initial resistance, she found herself responding very deeply to the call of Kahuna bodywork. She attended her first Level 1 training with Anthea Hardwick


EKUPHUMLENI is an ideal home for full body massage, pregnancy massage, skeletal massage, polynesian floor work and opu hule stomach massage. For Kinesiology, the focus is on general emotional well being of teenagers, Teenagers in sport and several health products to choose from. Take time to honour your Body! Revive

Heidi’s KaHuna Massage in Brisbane Australia

Heidi’s┬ápassion is to support you on your healing journey through a beautiful holistic approach. She offers a range oftherapies including Kahuna massage and bodywork, Hawaiian Heartworks LomiLomi massage, and Pregnancy Ka Huna massage. She cares deeply about your unique needs and drasw on a wealth of experience to inspire you

Kahuna Massage with Abe Strauss

Based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, Abe provides a mobile service that covers the greater Cape Town region. Receive your massage in the comfort of your home. Once you feel the spaced out feeling, all you have to do is relax further. Abe Strauss Bodywork Massage Therapist Cell: 082 903 1914

De Stress Refuge Kahuna Massage in Blairgowrie

De-Stress Refuge was created with the ambition to provide excellence in affordable Wellness and Healing services. Contact Lazarina on (011)781 8211. Email:

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