Would you like to experience what the full power of your brain feels like?

In the Masterclass Jim Kwik shared some exciting news…

On May 6th, Jim is taking a new group of students to significantly boost your reading speed so you can read faster, comprehend more, and forget less.

Join him in the Super Reading Quest >>

In Super Reading he will show you the world’s most advanced techniques to boost your reading speed, comprehension, and productivity so you can learn fast and achieve more in life.

There’s a short 5-minute video that shows you the program.

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Here’s what you will Supercharge when you’re going through the Quest:

1. Speed
Finish a book up to 3x faster (and remember every part of it).

2. Focus
Focus better and learn at lightning speeds – no matter how young or old you are.

3. Comprehension
Discover how to comprehend and understand more while reading faster.

4. Retention
Develop a super memory, remember what you read, and recall you need — quickly.

Are you in?

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