I recently was blessed with some funds in my Altcoin Trader account because of what I had written before about buying bitcoin in South Africa.

After I RICAed my account successfully, I bought bitcoin to see what the process is like.

But before I talk about that, I have to mention that this exchange allows you to buy any of these nine currencies at today’s price (1 November 2017):

BTC – R 104 000.00
BCC – R 7 100.00
BTG – R 0.00
LTC – R 861.50
NMC – R 16.94
XRP – R 2.99
ETH – R 4 690.00
DASH – R 4 352.10
ZEC – R 3 305.00

I have a feeling that they will be adding more in the future.

As any self respecting crypto exchange does, they offer some critical protections.

Financial investment protection

All FICA and crypto is stored in cold storage.

This simply means that all South African Rands and alternative or crypto currencies (BitCoin, LiteCoin, NameCoin ect…) is not stored on their website. Your investment is safely stored and not vulnerable!

All deposits and withdrawals are processed by a human team member.

While this might take a little longer than an automated system as there are checks and verification procedures, the safety benefits are well worth it to keep your money safe.

They have a promise that they operate on and I’ll use their words for it.

“We at AltCoinTrader undertake to run our operation with honesty and integrity. We undertake to act in a reasonable manner and deliver to our clients the highest level of service!”

Other safety precautions

When you login to your AltCoinTrader account an email is sent to you stating the date, time and IP address of your login.

AltCoinTrader.co.za wants to be your trusted partner in crypto trading…

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