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Bitcoin Price Rally 2015

Will October 2015 herald the bitcoin price rally as it did two years earlier? Read more as we discover what’s driving the market to new highs this year.

Its been a depressing 2 years if, like me you’ve been following the news of bitcoin and the hype around the price.

With such a heated debate always raging on around the topic, the fact that the price has either been looking for lower lows spiking all the way down to $160, its now finally breaking above $300 and looking like its heading consistently higher, very much like its heady days 2 years ago now.

I remember getting very excited about the price just going higher and higher and all my speculative margin trades just always playing out, even if price turned for a couple of days because their ways a steady stream of buyers coming into the market from China.

It looks like China is the driver for bitcoin price once again as Tue volumes from that country are going astronomical.

It’s also a great time to learn how to learn leverage trading for this market is heading in one direction primarily.

Until the next big crash, that is.

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