I’m dedicating this part of my site to my community of friends and others who’ve helped and supported me become who I am and helped me grow my website and online business.

I’m spending lots of time these days building this website, promoting my business in forex trading and writing in my blog, and I’d like to help others with the skills I’ve learned in online marketing.

I’m giving 5 lucky people the chance to be featured in these pages for free and thereafter I will be charging a nominal fee of R250 to have your business featured on these pages.

In addition, you will get your message sent out to my over 3000 “friends” on Facebook, over 8000 followers on Twitter and over 9000 LinkedIn connections.

I’m a bit picky who I chose, but contact me now and you may just get your business featured here.

Mindful Safari With Cassandra Collins

Nourish your body, your mind and your soul Reboot& Reconnect through the power of mindful movement, stillness and sublime sound in a natural wonderland. Cassandra is hosting a retreat to allow you to reconnect, harmonise and to heal. Yoga, meditation, space, sound-healing journeys, story sharing, labyrinth walking, silent nature

The Art of Facilitation

The ART OF FACILITATION is an inspiring development programme that gives you an opportunity to sharpen and broaden your practice as a FACILITATOR.

Move Jozi. A Conscious Dance Festival in Johannesburg on 25 November 2017 in Fourways

Jozi Conscious Dance Festival is an entire day of facilitated dance; a wonderful mix of fun, play, vitality, creativity, soul connection and bliss. WHERE: Windrush in the Fourways area. Situated on a few acres of gorgeous grounds, we get to dance barefoot on the grass, swim, picnic and connect with like-minded dancers. WHEN: Saturday 25 November. Tickets from R320.

Inner Life Skills Coaching With Anita van der Merwe

Inner Life Skills Coaching sessions offered by an MCC (masters level) graduate for a special discount to all readers of my blog. Having received great reviews from both trainers and the people coached on her learning journey, Anita now is ready to share this method with you. If you, or anyone you know,

Dynamic Dance 9 November 2015

Monday night, 9 November, to put your body in motion and find your own rhythm again.

We can easily get lost or exhausted trying to keep up with the mad rush in the city. I have recently been meditating on ease in mind and body in an attempt to reconnect to my own true rhythm again… My discovery so far is that I often rush ‘ahead of myself’ which makes me feel anxious or disconnected. When I stop, relax back into my spine and breathe deeply, I immediately feel a deeper sense of peace emerge from this reconnection to my presence.

Raindance in Auckland Park Johannesburg 2 November 2015 6:30pm

Dynamic Dance Details When: Monday 2 November 2015Where: St Peter’s Anglican Church, 8 Walton Avenue, Auckland ParkTime: 6.30pm to 8pm Investment: R100 per class for dancers with a solid income / R70 for those whose incomes are irregular / R50 for students Bring drinking water and wear comfortable clothes that

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