Embodiment Swimming Deep

Embodiment Swimming Deep in Human Being with ixCacao and Lah-Hallah

Explore your Voice as a powerful healing tool – diving into it’s raw power with the courage of sea lion!

You are Whole Heartedly Welcomed to Swim with The Dolphins in Mozambique as we attend a Sacred Chocolate Ceremony in a 5-day Embodiment Retreat

  • Daily Cacao Ceremony served by Lah—Hallah and her Embodiment Training with ixCacao students
  • 3 Dolphin Swims -Voice Alchemy
  • Rainbow Labyrinth in Wheel Storytelling, Drawing and Walking
  • Sound Journey with Courtney and Lah
  • Crystal Skulls and Unicorn Storytelling
  • Time 28 June 2018 – 2 July 2018
    Space Halo Gaia, Ponta Malongane, Southern Mozambique

Cost: R6600
Bookings: explore@halogaia.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/188968861737260/


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