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In addition to the two linked below, I’ve got a few ebooks to share.

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Price Action TradingForex Mentor Pro

The Best Online Forex Trading Courses

Now that you’ve taken the plunge and started trading forex, you may have had those wonderful wins and, unfortunately too real, big losers.  You’ve probably seen the need for some guidance and the help from a professional trading coach from someone who has dedicated themselves to help other traders to become consistently successful.

I’ve found just the person to help and since I’ve joined his organisation acting as the student advisor, I can’t recommend it enough.

Its one of the few online courses where you can get access to funding. At the time of writing this, the first two students have received their funding to begin trading.

Click here to find out more about the MS E Academy program and how you can apply to join.

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Advanced Price Action Course by 2nd Skies Forex

I was initialy impressed by watching this webinar of Chris talking about his base model of order flow, then life happened and then I finally met my eventual mentor, Morgan Sampson, but here is a very interesting version of a price action strategy, mixed in with

This video introduces Chris Capre’s Advanced Price Action Course.

Covering the types of strategies, such as set and forget, impulsive and reactive waves, various types of trends and how to trade them. Intra-day trading strategies to trade any time frame.

To learn more and join me trading this style, visit his website at along with free videos, articles and daily setups.

15% Discount

Readers of my site can get a 15% discount if you use this link and the code “HAROUN15” at checkout.

Forex Mentor Pro

Get The Tools & Trading Systems You Need To Start Making Consistent, Bankable PROFITS!

  • 3 Powerful trading systems
  • Daily video analysis of trades
  • Step-by-step video training


Marc Walton’s M2 strategy is ideal for those who are trying to trade around a day job and can only spend a brief time during the week placing and managing trades.

Your membership includes a copy of all our trading software AND the mentors show you in advance, every day during the week, what they are looking to trade & why.

Click here to find out more.

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