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If you’re like me, those losers are much bigger than winners.

Al Brooks Price Action Trading

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I was informed that the Al Brooks trading course is the best out there and so I bought myself a copy.

Al recently updated his site and made both his price action as well as his forex trading course available as a bundle.

I’m working through the course material at the moment and I should have a review of it ready soon. When I do, I shall post it here.

Learn To Trade The Market

Nial Fuller

Nial Fuller was one of the first mentors that I came across online.

His price action course consists of 3 trigger bars (pin bar, inside bar and “Fakey” bar) to look out for at support and resistance areas, as these are the most likely areas for something to happen to the price because of past precedent.

Easy and simple to follow and because he focuses on the end of day New York close price charts, you can even trade part-time by looking at the charts only once a day and making a decision on what to do next.

Stock Market College


The Stock Market College is a trading school in Johannesburg South Africa that’s associated with the regulated broker QuickTrade.

They offer a comprehensive course and professional mentorship.

One of their representatives will call you within the day to tell you more about their services and what training Stock Market college offers.

Forex Mentor Pro

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Get The Tools & Trading Systems You Need To Start Making Consistent, Bankable PROFITS!

  • 3 Powerful trading systems
  • Daily video analysis of trades
  • Step-by-step video training

Marc Walton’s M2 strategy is ideal for those who are trying to trade around a day job and can only spend a brief time during the week placing and managing trades.

Your membership includes a copy of all trading software AND the mentors show you in advance, every day during the week, what they are looking to trade & why.