fred razak

Fred Razak CMTrading’s Senior Trading Strategist on Mix FM Johannesburg

Fred Razak appeared on Mix FX recently to talk about the world markets and the opportunity for prospective South African traders.

Fred Razak

Listen to Fred Razak, CMTrading’s Senior Trading Strategist, as he talks to Tony Blewitt on 93.8 MIX FM.

Fred discusses the advent of online trading, what sets CMTrading them above the rest, and other trading-related topics.

He also gives his account of 9/11 (Fred was in the Financial District during the attack), and the financial impact of COVID. CMTrading’s In-Person Trading Masterclass in Johannesburg on June 30th is an excellent opportunity to get in the trading game.

He spoke about what CM Trading offers in terms of speculating on the world’s markets and the awards that they’ve won especially in terms of educating clients.

fred razak
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