Successful Forex Traders in South Africa

by Apr 2, 2015Forex Trading

I’ve only met one consistently successful forex trader, Morgan Sampson, from South Africa who can prove it with verified results.

Thankfully he’s running a fund which you can follow using one of my favourite local broker, BlackStone Futures.

If you’re just beginning your trading career, yet to open an account and don’t even have the money for it, then check out these no deposit forex trading accounts you can try out and dip your feet.

If, however you have at R1,000 to start and don’t want to take the months and years to learn and start trading, then the copy trading fund is ideal for you. Click here to see the fund’s performance and click the “Copy” tab on the top left of that page to begin the process 

I hope to be a successful trader myself some day

Other than Morgan who I mentioned above, I’ve found a few Facebook groups, but they’re filled by those selling signals, or forex courses and what they share could just be

In the mean time, I’ve found this whatsapp group where some traders hang out and discuss these two courses, course one and course two.

The group is a discussion around the concepts in the courses and you can get help from the other traders there.

Seeing how popular this article has become, I’ve now created a section dedicated to trader’s stories and my first one is about Almond and the work that he’s doing with his website.

There’s even a podcast I came across that interviews successful forex traders.

But they’re from other countries.


Have you met any yet?