Wow. I just watched this movie and its amazing to see what’s become of humanity. I think we can see this play out in all he religions of the world and it seems to spring from the control based secret societies that “rule” our civilisation.

Based on the book on the right, this movie is sure to generate lots of interest and controversy. Already the organisation has taken out lots of advertising to discredit the movie makers and others speaking out against them.

If you want to watch the movie, please check the link below and watch it as soon as you can.

But first the trailer.

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I don’t know how long this movie is going to available on YouTube, as is often the case they’ll be serving copyright notices to all uploads of the movie. If this one isn’t available anymore then, please let me know and I’ll try and find another.
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  • And This one which is just hilarious

  • And Then I found this song, a sing along is always a good idea….

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