astral projection

Astral Projection The Ultimate Spiritual Experience

Activate transcendent levels of awareness through astral projection so that you can live a life more true to yourself, more fearless and connected to realms beyond the body.

An out of body experience is considered an exceptional human experience in western psychology.

This means it’s so cataclysmic that it radically changes the very essence of who you are.

It is the ultimate spiritual awakening.

By learning astral projection:

  • you can have out-of-body experiences that can help you with getting answers to problems
  • healing grief and trauma
  • insights to illness
  • releasing fears and
  • connecting you to realms beyond the body

This is for you if you want to take your personal and spiritual growth to the next level.

I flew all over the world interviewing shamans, monks, psychologists trying to figure out how and why astral travel changes lives.

So much of our suffering is attached to the physical body.

When our physical body is injured we

When our sense of self is insulted we suffer.

And it’s because this is all we think we are a body and a mind. When we have an out of body experience we have direct proof that we are more than our body, more than a mind, more than a limited sense of self.

In my brand new quest with Mindvalley I
am going to teach you how to activate your skill of astral projection.

I have put together the most effective tools mixing western psychology and eastern traditions in a step-by-step manual to help you have an out-of-body experience.

By the end of this quest you will be able to activate transcendent levels of awareness through astral projection so that you can live a life more true to yourself a life more fearless and a life that is connected to realms beyond the
body because we are multi-dimensional
beings so start living a multi-dimensional life.

My name is Jade Shaw and i can’t wait to see you to start your astral projection journey.

astral projection
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