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Amazing FREE Training: Mindvalley Academy is hosting an incredible new Masterclass with the world’s undercover coach to billionaires, super stars and olympic athletes, Marisa Peer.


This month’s Mindvalley Academy Masterclass, and it’s with none other than the world’s undercover therapist to billionaires, world class athletes and rock stars, Marisa Peer.

And in this Masterclass, you’ll discover the mindset of the world’s happiest super-achievers.

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If you’ve always wondered how the world’s extraordinary achievers not only enjoy remarkable productivity, but also enjoy a high level of fulfilment and happiness…

… This Masterclass with Marisa Peer holds the clue.

Marisa Peer has been the therapist for the world’s best for the past 30 years, and her method is fast and effective.

She understands the need for people to get quick results.

She specializes in instant transformation.

I’m not exaggerating when I say some of the most powerful people on the planet have experienced complete 180-degree transformation after spending just 5 minutes with Marisa.

And the secret lies in the form of transformational hypnotherapy that she employs.

That’s why I encourage you to experience this 90-minute Masterclass where she actually takes people through a 40 minute hypnotherapy session to quickly shed their limiting beliefs and reprogram their mind to perform for high performance.

It’s the same experience that had people in tears at Mindvalley’s $3000-per-head A-fest event in Costa Rica last year.

You must experience it to believe it.

A Quick Summary Of What Marisa Peer Will Be Covering

  • Marisa will explain the key difference between 99% of the population and the 1% that she works with — Olympians, Hollywood Stars, Two Royal Families and A-List actors and actresses. The answer will surprise you…
  • Marisa has identified 8 unique Mental Thought Models that this 1% has. We’ll go deep into ONE of these models and you’ll experience a massive awakening in this particular area of your life.
  • How? She’ll guide you through an Instant Transformation with her powerful and effective Transformation Hypnotherapy Session. Please do not listen when driving. You need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • You will feel results immediately when you wake up the next day. This is a “Model Of The World” shift. Meaning the type of transformation that leads you to “waking up” and viewing the world in a different way. Marisa is known for healing patients with ONE session rather than making them come back over and over again. Note: We CANNOT guarantee how long the feelings will last. But for many people it leaves a powerful new mark on their lives as they see the world in a unique new way.
  • Expand your Vision for yourself (stop settling) as Marisa explains how to lead an uncompromised life — a life where you enjoy success, abundance and freedom without having to wait for years… and why your total breakthrough in all areas of life is just 8 transformations away.
  • Understand the REAL key to breakthrough in any — ANY — area of your life… this makes changing your results and transforming your life as easy as changing outfits. Clue: It has to do with removing voids that we take within ourselves as children (mostly due to suppression of love).
  • And so much more…

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If you’ve been to any Mindvalley Academy Masterclasses, you’ll know how transformational they can be. Twice a month, they put some of the most amazing personal growth teachers on the planet in front of the camera, and ask them about the most transformational tools they know.

And the results, as you can guess, can be pretty powerful for the participants.

This Masterclass is no different. By signing up for this one, you’ll also be notified about their future Masterclasses.

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